I Will Promote Southern Kaduna Entertainers Irrespective of Constituency - Hon. Edward Simon Buju discusses with King Sniffy

Hon. Edward Simon Buju, popularly known as King B is a veteran Nigerian broadcaster and Advertising Consultant. Born in Kaduna State, King B has built an amazing career for himself and has risen to become one of the most respected and valued OAPs in Nigeria. He has worked at different radio stations across Nigeria - such as Minna, Abuja, Nasarawa, Kaduna and many others. He has also hosted different international Artistes at different occasions. He is very passionate about youths development. Hon. Buju is contesting for the Membership of Kaduna State House of Assembly, representing Jema'a Constituency in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Below is his exclusive interview, where he was hosted by the President of AYL Universe, Enoch Israel aka King Sniffy.

King Sniffy: Good evening sir. It's nice to have you on AYL Universe today. Please can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Hon. Buju: My name is Edward Simon Buju. I am Nindem by tribe from Zankan Community in Godogodo Chiefdom of Jema'a local government in Kaduna state. I am a Broadcast Journalist by profession and a Public Relations and Advertising Consultant based in Abuja. I was born in the middle 70's, went to LEA Primary school Zankan, then to Former Government Day Secondary School and now Government Secondary School, Godogodo. I also attended the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja for my Diploma, HND and Post Graduate diploma in Public Relations and Advertising. I started my radio disc jokey in the early 90's - to be precised in 1992 with Crystal Radio 91.2 FM Minna, in Niger state, from 1992-1999. I was picked up to the Fct first radio station called Aso Radio 93.5 fm Abuja. From 1999-2017, i was with Maloney FM 95.5 FM Keffi in Nasarawa State before leaving for a media consultancy with some reputable organizations in Nigeria. 

King Sniffy: Wow! That's a great feat you've achieved. You're a veteran broadcaster in all ramifications. Meanwhile, from your work and career, it seems you have passion for entertainment and youths development. May I know what built your interest? 

Hon. Buju: Yes, entertainment is still part of me, that's why most often you will see me mingling with the youths to help in boosting that which they intend to do (Music). I have been a promoter of music and give advice in whichever way you want to start your innovation in entertainment. We have so many younger ones who are imbibed with musical talent, but because most leaders don't know how music is being sequence down to voicing and last mix down, all they will advice the young man is to go back to school. In school, you only tapped ideas and fused it with your natural talent. Entertainment can boost the Economy of Southern Kaduna if given helping hands to our teeming Youths who are creative in nature. Some times when you listen to some of our youth musical content, you ask your self are they really from my soil? Our youths need a leader who is versatile in knowing what they want and how to upgrade the talent in them. Promotions is the bedrock of every entertainer who is working hard to stardom and I have that which we can upgrade the bunch of talents lying down within our Youths in Southern Kaduna. 

King Sniffy: That's quite true. I totally agree with you that Southern Kaduna is blessed with so many amazing talents, but they are not getting the required support. So assuming you have the opportunity to help them, considering your knowledge of entertainment, how would you help the Artistes and also develop the Southern Kaduna Entertainment Industry? 

Hon. Buju: I will want to know your pattern of music - from Raps, Afro, Gospel, Reggae - to know how to fuse you into the world of entertainment. Link you with some big names in the industry. Invite big time musicians to Southern Kaduna and create an avenue for collaboration to be featured on our very own artiste and that's how a young artiste grow to stardom of entertainment. Promotion is a vital issue that I will create both national and international. We shall create a social media link that will help in boosting our creativity in oneness. We shall also create artiste's class of the titans, most especially rap attack that will give rooms for more lyrics that will help them to know their flows and correct their mistakes. 

King Sniffy: That's a very good plan. I'm sure many artistes will benefit from it. Meanwhile, I learnt that you're aspiring for the office of Member, Kaduna State House of Assembly (representing Jema'a constituency) in the forthcoming 2023 general elections. Please tell us, if you get elected into office, what would you do differently than what the present House Member is currently doing? 

Hon. Buju: As an Entertainer cum Politician, I will use my wealth of experience to boost Agriculture in my Constituency and support Youths and Women empowerment, promote entertainment amongst our youth, support Education amongst many other things. 

King Sniffy: That's interesting. It's a good one. You said you're going to promote Southern Kaduna entertainment when elected into office. However, as a legislative member, you would ideally be representing Jema'a constituency only. So may I ask, if you win, would you support the Artistes from Jema'a constituency only? 

Hon. Buju: No, how many artiste are in Jema'a constituency? Yes, we have but we need all Southern Kaduna artiste to help boost and make the entertainment work accordingly. So you mean because I am a member representing Jema'a constituency I wouldn't assist anyone from Southern Kaduna? I know in every Constituency they should have a member, but if he is not reachable in terms of promoting entertainment, I have to assume that responsibility and provide support to help the young men to discover their talents. As a leader, you are open to everyone. 

King Sniffy: That's good to know. I'm quite impressed with your policy. I believe that with someone like you in the State House of Assembly, Southern Kaduna will definitely be developed. Thank you very much for your time. And I wish you all the best in your endeavors. 

Hon. Buju: I appreciate your kind gesture towards the interview.

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