"BBN is not a career to aspire to" - First BBN Winner, Katung Aduwak discusses with King Sniffy


Katung Aduwak was the first person to win the most popular reality TV show in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija (BBN). The maiden edition (Season 1) had the likes of the current BBN host, Ebuka; popular Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke and many others. And he (Katung) emerged the winner. He hails from Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria. He has made a good use of the fame and opportunity BBN gave him to build an amazing career for himself and made his dreams come true. He became the Programs Manager of popular music television, MTV Base. He also became an executive board member of one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria, Chocolate City. He is presently a movie director, film maker and content creator. Unknown to many, Katung Aduwak directed the music video of the hit song 'Superstar' by popular Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince Zamani. 

Katung Aduwak (middle) with his fellow BBN Season 1 housemates - Gideon Okeke (left) and Ebuka (right).

This is AYL Universe, where the AYL President, Enoch Israel aka King Sniffy interviews him. Kindly read their discussion below;

King Sniffy: I feel so good to be talking with the first Big Brother Naija (BBN) winner, Mr. Katung Aduwak. And just for the record, I like you and Kevin Pam, the first Big Brother Africa (BBA) winner a lot. And I  am pleased to have you on AYL Inspires today. So without wasting much time, let's start the interview. Many of us only know Katung Aduwak as the first BBN Winner but we don't really know your life before BBN. So if you don't mind, could you tell us what you were doing before joining BBN?

Katung Aduwak: Before big brother I worked at an advertising and PR company called Blake and Harper, I left and transitioned today radio after winning Nigeria’s first radio reality show THE BROADCASTER on 96.9 cool FM Abuja

King Sniffy: What inspired you into joining BBN?

Katung Aduwak: I saw it as an opportunity to pivot my ambitions faster than it Southaven’s taken me to establish my self, so I gave it a shot and eventually won.

King Sniffy: It's amazing that a guy from Southern Kaduna (you) is the first BBN winner. Do you think it's possible for someone from Southern Kaduna to win again?

Katung Aduwak: I am certainly happy to be the pioneer on that front. I totally believe it can happen again, especially because in the last 2 editions there have been 2 Southern Kaduna housemates in the persons of Bally Balat & Dianne Russet who are doing great in their endeavors.

King Sniffy: I'm sure while growing up, BBN wasn't part of your ambition because it was something that was organized not long ago. So what was your ambition as a kid?

Katung Aduwak: My ambitions as a kid were to be in the military, that switched later when I got to know myself better. I veered towards the arts because I had a deeer calling in that direction. Hence me being a film maker and content creator today.

King Sniffy: How has winning BBN changed your life?

Katung Aduwak: The change to my life as a result of winning BBN was drastic because I got to experience situations and meet people I had only dreamed of and it kind of sped up my plan to become a filmmaker because I could afford to go to New York and get the education I so required.

King Sniffy: May I know what work you're currently doing at the moment?

Katung Aduwak: I am independent content creator, filmmaker and civic activist.

King Sniffy: Many Nigerian youths believe that going to school is a scam. They have this mindset that "most of our celebrities didn't go to school and as such, I don't have to go to school before being an actor, musician or BBN housemate." So can you tell us a little about your educational background, and how going to school has made you a better person?

Katung Aduwak: Education across the board is important, be it formal or informal, I can’t speak for celebrities I can only speak for myself. School broadened my scope, perspective and network, it also built my confidence.

King Sniffy: Most BBN winners today always fade from the limelight after a couple of years of winning, but you've been doing well for yourself all this while. So what's the secret behind it?

Katung Aduwak: I can’t say I know of any secret or formula to attain that. However I believe whatever you do, strive to do it better every time and stay consistent and original. That should build you external trust and makes you an authority in what you do, which can translate to visibility and patronage.

King Sniffy: Who is your favorite BBN housemate among all the housemates that participated after your set?

Katung Aduwak: I don’t exactly have a favorite but I can say it’s between Kevin Pam, Mercy Eke, Dianne Russet & Efe Edjeba.

King Sniffy: Who is your role model?

Katung Aduwak: I have a few role models, Mary Aduwak my mother, Audu Maikori, Spike Lee, Shaun King, Musa Aduwak my father, Ifeoma Williams just to mention a few.

King Sniffy: What advice would you give to the aspiring BBN housemates, so as for them to win and become successful just like you?

Katung Aduwak: BBN is not a career to aspire to, but if you make it in there be the best version of your self, be a leader and don’t try to be anybody else but you.

King Sniffy: Thank you very much for your time. We really appreciate it sir. And we enjoin you to keep inspiring the African youths.


  1. Love the conversation. I wish to know possibly the effect of BBN to the youths. Coming from the point Katung buttress on the fact that BBN is not a career to aspire.

    1. Thank you, Jesbahuyak. We are glad you enjoyed the conversation. And to answer your question, BBN as a platform makes an individual to know himself very well; you will agree with me that by staying in the house for weeks, performing different tasks, most housemates always end up realizing their real talents. Also, BBN builds teamwork as you spend weeks in the house with new people, with different tasks given to you, thereby building coorperation and team work. Plus, it builds unity as you meet people from different backgrounds and cultures in the house. Thank you.


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