The Youths Don't Support Each Other - Kaduna State Youngest S.A., Jessy Isaac Speaks with King Sniffy

Hon. Jessy Isaac is a political analyst, philanthropist and a politician. He hails from Jema'a Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. In 2021, he was appointed as the Special Assistant (S.A) to the Vice Chairman of Jema'a LGA, which makes him the youngest person to achieve that feat.

Below is his exclusive interview with the President of AYL Universe, Enoch Israel aka King Sniffy.

King Sniffy: Welcome to AYL Universe, Mr. Jessy. It's good having you today. Can we start by knowing more about you?

Jessy: Yes. I am Isaac Jessy, a native of Kagoma. I hail from Asso ward (TANDA to be precisely). Second child from the family of five. I am a son to late Hon. Isaac Dogo, one-time councilor of Asso ward.

King Sniffy: We learnt that you're the Special Assistant (S.A) to the Vice Chairman of Jema'a LGA. And rumour has it that you're the youngest person to achieve that feat. Can you tell us how you feel being in that position? And at what age were you appointed as the S.A?

Jessy: Well, it's ture. It's not a rumour my brother. Yes, i believe no young person of my age has been given such appointment. I feel blessed of course to have such appointment as it's God's grace over me. I am not the best but because I do believe in God, myself and my ability; with all the hard work put together over the years it pays. I got my appointment at the age of 29.

King Sniffy: That's good to know. Congratulations! So as a young man in that position, what have you done or what are you doing in order to help the society and the youths in general?

Jessy: Thank you. Firstly, being a young person, I have a good understanding of what the youths in our society are passing through. I know it, I see it. I mean the problems and the challenges. Right now I am using this very opportunity to encourage and support youths to partake in politics, education or trade. Anything good to make a living out of it. I am positive and I am bringing positivities in all my doing.

I have also done a lot with the youths in the past; from my own village and outside my comfort zone. I give free lessons and free football training with kids and youths. I have organized a youth forum in my hometown and today it has become a history that there is TANDA Youth Forum.

King Sniffy: Amazing. That's very inspiring. Please do keep it up. So if I may ask, what are your plans for the future?

Jessy: (Smiles). Thank you. I have massive plans my brother. A lot, I mean. A lot. What I can just tell you now is to look out for me in the future.

King Sniffy: Alright. We hope you achieve a lot in the nearest future. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of critics condemning the current political atmosphere in Nigeria. They argue that the political scene is full of old people, and the youths are neglected. So what are your thoughts on it?

Jesse: Yes, it's true. The youths of today, of my generation don't want to work and if they work, they lack the patience to wait. Life is a process and in between this space is a stage for growth, development and many more. What I can tell you today is that we (youths) are always good in talking without taking action. I can tell you when I got involved fully in politics and I was aspiring for councilor, the people that don't support me were not old people but young. Most of my age people don't do it and anyone doing they will not support it. So tell me, why won't the old still be in power? Right now we must understand, we must tell ourselves the truth, we must love ourselves first, we must be willing to support each other irrespective of our differences, age, gender, religion and so on. This generation is our time. And we must join the train. These politicians, these old folks don't get retired. So why should we wait? We must join the train and get it right.

King Sniffy: That's quite true. What advice do you have for the youths in general?

Jesse: The future of this great country lies in our hands. Your destiny and mine is in our hands. There is no time to wait for anyone. What I have to tell everyone, I mean every youth is go for what is good, go for your  passion, do what gives you joy, and do your very best at all levels. Let's take the advantage of this modern technology and no one can do it better than we.

King Sniffy: That's so true. Do you have plans to run for a political office in the nearest future?

Jesse: Yes sure, by God's grace.

King Sniffy: Who is (are) your role model(s)?

Jesse: My dad. And i also admire others and have great love for them. You are one of them my brother.

King Sniffy: I'm honoured to know that you admire me. So what are your last words?

Jesse: We do what we do now and say what we say because we are young and strong but of all this, our actions will be called for judgement by our creator. Don't be someone's fool. Stand for what is right, do what is right and never give up on your dreams. Put effort, which is action and wait patiently for results which is your reward. We must love ourselves and others around us. We are here for a moment and soon or later, we will all leave  this mother land and what are we going to be remembered for? Is it our good deed or the bad one? So get up and stand up because together, we can. Thank you.

King Sniffy: Thanks for your time. And we wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Jesse: Thank You for having me AYL Universe. It'st my pleasure. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

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