MUSIC REVIEW: King Sniffy Reviews Ozee - Mark Time (E.P.)

Artiste: Ozee
Album: Mark Time (E.P.)
Producers: Ozee & Jahbwai
Genre: Afrobeats, Trap, Hip-hop, Pop, Dancehall & Alternative.
Label: Ozee Nation
Released Date: October 22, 2021.
Music Reviewer: King Sniffy

Mark Time is a 6-track Extended Playlist (E.P.) by talented and sensational Nigerian singer, Ozee. The playlist has a total runtime (duration) of 17:45 (approximately 18 minutes), with only one feature. Below is a detailed review of each song on the playlist.

1. Loke Loke: This is an Afrobeats song that runs for 3:03. The song was produced by Ozee.  It's a feel good song where Ozee talks about how God has been blessing his hustle. He sounds so free, relaxed and carefree on this song. Ozee proves he is not a regular artiste.

2. Man In The Mirror: It's a Trap song with a little vibe of Reggae. The song was produced by Ozee. It runs for 3:15. Here, Ozee talks about how no one cared for him when he was struggling. The song basically talks about the secret challenges and inner battles we fight, which no one knows. He sings that the 'Man In The Mirror' (which is Ozee himself) is the only one that knows what he is going through. The song is inspiring and motivating. Ozee also reiterates the fact that he will never give up on chasing his dreams, and that his legacy will live forever.

3. Wetin Dey: It's a Hip-hop song fused with Trap and Pop. The song runs for 3:14 and was produced by Jahbwai. It's also a feel good song about his daily life. The song doesn't have much content but has a very good vibe that anyone can vibe to, irrespective of the kind of music you like.

4. Cheddah: This is the only song with a feature on the E.P. It's a Trap song that runs for 2:51 and was produced by Ozee. The song features Gbuncho, who is a new name in the game. This is probably the first time most music listeners (myself inclusive) would be hearing that name. On this song, Ozee sings about how girls nowadays are only after money from guys instead of true love. It's a funny and amazing song. Similarly, Gbuncho delivers an impressive UK Drill on it. And for a moment, I thought I was listening to Dave or Skepta.

5. Jiyebe: It's an Alternative sound with Cultural strings. The song runs for 3:26 and was produced by Ozee. Here, Ozee sings in his native language with only few English words on the hook, that talk about how people always criticize him. Though we don't understand most of what he sings, but the rhythm is charming and amazing.

6. Ole: It's an Afrobeats song with a fusion of Dancehall. This is for those people that love dancing, clubbing and partying. So before listening to this song, make sure you get your dancing shoes ready because you must vibe to it. The song doesn't really have serious lyrics. But hey! Who needs lyrics to dance? As long as the beat is good, let's groove!

Mark Time E.P is a good playlist that's basically supposed to entertain you and make you have a good time while listening to it. Even though it's basically for relaxation and entertainment, Ozee was still able to deliver good message and contents on most of the songs. Ozee didn't just showcase his artistry skills on this project, but also shows his production skills as he produced 5 out of the 6 songs on the playlist. The production is topnotch; beats are amazing, while mixing and mastering are fabulous. The playlist also has good contents as the songs have good lyrics, except two that are basically average. The runtime (duration) of each song is smart as all the songs are short and concise, with the highest run time of 3:26 on a song. And with this tactic, each song leaves you asking for more.

Therefore, Mark Time E.P is a great project, and is highly recommend to all fans of good music. Consequently, the playlist is rated 8/10.

          Score:            Implications:
       1 - 2                 Very bad
   3 - 4                    Bad 
5 - 6                Good
7 - 8                Great
                  9 - 10              Extremely great

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