"I will always prefer BBA to BBN" - Big Brother Africa winner, Kevin Pam discusses with King Sniffy


Kevin Pam is the first Nigerian to win the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Africa (BBA). He hails from Jos, Plateau State. After winning the show in South Africa in 2009, he eventually went ahead to marry his fellow housemate from Tanzania. The two amazing former BBA housemates decided to settle down in Nigeria, with constant trips to Tanzania. Kevin Pam is also a rapper, as he grew up rapping with popular Nigerian rappers - M.I Abaga, Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz, who are his childhood friends in the city of Jos. He is also a chef, stand-up comedian, MC and humanitarian. He is the CEO of Down 2 Earth Entertainment (a record label and entertainment company) and also the President of Naija Pikin (a non-governmental organization he founded). Below is an exclusive interview he had with the CEO of AYL Universe, Enoch Israel aka King Sniffy.

King Sniffy: Good day, Kevin. It's been a while, I trust you're doing good. I'm excited to be discussing with you today. It's something I've always looked forward to. So you're welcome to AYL Inspires.

Kevin Pam: Thank you

King Sniffy: Without wasting of time, let's get to know you. Everyone knows Kevin Pam after winning Big Brother Africa, but only few knew you before BBA. So could you tell us what you were doing before joining BBA?

Kevin Pam: I was into Entertainment long before big brother...started in secondary school where I was the social prefect,took it all the way to university where I was a dancer, d.j and also became the director of socials in University of Jos...
Did not stop there...I started MC'n and stand up comedy in the 2000...so with all the experience I got working with and knowing the likes of Psquare, M.I, Ice, Funny One, Senator etc I decided to try some reality shows like "The next Movie Star" "MTN/MTV V.J search" all while I was applying for every edition of big brother till I was selected to represent Nigeria in 2009.

King Sniffy: That's interesting. I remember I once interviewed you in 2015, when I was with NTA Jos, and you said you used to be rapping with rappers like M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince and co in Jos before BBA, so why did you stop music? 

Kevin Pam: I stopped music coz for me music was born out of passion, I did not se it as a career talent coz I have other stronger talents which I decided to project over music. Will still do music at some point.

King Sniffy: That's good to know. So what motivated you into joining BBA? 

Kevin Pam: I always had the kind of vibe and talents that makes one an obvious big brother material and friends always adviced and told me to get on that show coz I had all the qualities of a perfect TV entertainer which I also saw and agreed with. So even when I graduated from college I did not find a 9-5 as an option considering my growing passion in entertainment.

King Sniffy: May I know what you're currently doing - job, business or anything? 

Kevin Pam: I'm an all round entertainer, I am an events planner, I build content for TV while I do side businesses to have a constant source of income considering the nature of entertainment business. I'm also a farmer.

King Sniffy: Wow! That's huge. BBA was eventually cancelled for BBN, how do you feel about that? Would you have preferred BBA or BBN if asked to choose, and why?

Kevin Pam: well, BBA had its vibe on a different level and I really wish they did not have to stop it...but again I understood why they did based on my experience in entertainmen. And BBN on the other had also has its own vibe which of course you can agree that the show still has the same addictive impact if not more.
I will always prefer BBA because it is indeed a bigger platform and would definitely give participants a wider coverage on the continent and the world at large.
It's like comparing the Nigerian Premier League and African cup of Nations...lol

King Sniffy: Lol. I quite agree with you on that. Meanwhile, there are many youths that wish to join BBN today. So as the first Nigerian winner that you are, what advice would you give them so as to be selected into the house and if possible, eventually win just like you?

Kevin Pam: First question I ask is "are you ready for the good, the bad and the ugly?"
If the answer is yes then all you need to do is believe you have what it takes and set out on the quest. Big brother is a show where 60% of the work is being who you really are and let the remaining % be for strategy and fan love which is constant. So with this recipe winning the show is almost sure...even though winning is a mindset if you ask me...not just taking the grand price.selah

King Sniffy: You've been successful in your careers and all. And many people - both former BBN housemates and artistes look up to you. In fact, I interviewed the first BBN winner, Katung Aduwak last week and he told me you're one of his favorites. So what's the secret behind your success and accomplishments?
Kevin Pam: No secret boss. All I do is remain the same old G and maintain the same drive and passion but the biggest and only open secret is my passion and love for God coz that reflects on my dealings and endeavours .

King Sniffy: May I know who is your role model? 

Kevin Pam: Tyler Perry is someone I really want to be like coz of his story and achievements.

King Sniffy: What are some of the challenges you've encountered in your career and how did you overcome them? 

Kevin Pam: wow ! That's a long list we are talking about chief. With this Fame and fortune comes a lot...that is why I ask the questions i ask people who want to be in those shoes. The expectations are mentally demanding and draining, your life siezes to be yours anymore coz you become like the real definition of an entertainment civil man.
Then the pressure to remain successful becomes too much and you need extra grace to stand the pressure.
Then failure becomes like it's not an option when it's actually inevitable to fail sometimes, as long as you want to exceed boundaries and limits you might have set then mistakes are normal but the society and world do not give you that pass so they castigate and talk which can push one into depression or make you even give up on yourself.
I overcome mine by believing solely on the word of God as it always assures me that my best is yet to come and the challenges at any giving point are lessons for the future blessings.selah

King Sniffy: There are many African youths today that are struggling to be successful, yet the hustle keeps getting difficult for them day by day. What advice would you give them so as to continue pushing and not to give up?

Kevin Pam: Best advice is to encourage them never to give up...nobody has ever made it after giving up. The society is hardly kind to anyone so the option of giving up should be off the table. Failure starts when you give up on yourself and that's the first place the battle is lost. Keep fighting with the right mentality and you'd be fine.

King Sniffy: Thank you very much for your time sir.

Kevin Pam: God bless You


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