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Ziriok Melanin

Kaduna-based rapper, agriculturalist and entrepreneur, Ziriok Melanin, who simply goes by the stage name 'Ziriok' has penned down a long note to Kaduna artistes, on how they can make it in the Nigerian music industry, which is full of competition.

Whilst some people believe that the post is in response to BBK's post, who complained bitterly on how he is neglected in the Kaduna Entertainment Industry, others believe it is just a goodwill message to Kaduna entertainers.

BBK, who is also a popular rapper in the state had earlier complained about the marginalization he is facing in the industry. 

Below is the post made by Ziriok on his official Facebook account:


I used to laugh at posts on this app, when an upcoming artiste will be lamenting on how his/her fellow kaduna people don't support their content and that it is all hate...Bros nobody hate you and nobody is obliged to share your content,many will only consume it and not necessarily share, your true few fans and fam will, so better build upon the few that show the love for you and push while leveraging on technology and music stores.

Beyond technology and online stores as an indie artiste there is 'politics' in the game, just like the conventional politics ,you don't see your governor unless you know someone that knows someone that believe the value you are presenting to the governor on the probably 5 minutes encounter you will be granted. Likewise most record labels, they sign artistes based on recommendation, if you are waiting for the next talent hunt then make sure you have developed your craft more than the hundreds of PDSTRNs and Jordans out there. If you are the father of Faith and motivated by Grace tagging Don Jazzy on your Instagram stories daily then you can wait in line with thousands of others as he make one pick of artistes probably in 6 months or a year.

Talent is not just enough invest in yourself, we all know that you are dope ,my guy put in your money in yourself to raised you to the stage that other investors that you are blaming see you, yes I said see you not necessarily sign you but first of all noticed you. You can be the most talented footballer in Ung Yelwa, but if you don't have your money to invest on yourself and using the connection of your agent to help secure a deal in a third tier league in probably one eastern European country, then you will end up ending your career playing around badarawa, kawo, nasarawa and your Ung Yelwa.

Above all enjoy the process , you are dope, you leverage technology, you invest in yourself then wait and let it all grow yes that is when your prayers and faith comes to play ,while pushing and hoping enjoy the process of growth that comes with experiences, more networks and connections. You see these OGs you keep celebrating? Likes of  Vzar , DIA, DJ Cinch , SBk, Loudspeeka,  and many more . They have put in  upto 20 years of the growth process to earn the respect you accord them. Well you may say your case is different you could blow within 5 years of the beginning of your career, yes you can but only few ,what will you do if it doesn't happen to you so? Enjoy the growth process.

Also, Don't you forget that most of these show organizers are not necessarily artistes per say or active artistes, they are not charity organizations, neither record labels ,they are not out to develop talents no , they are entertainment entrepreneurs that attempt to create content in a show and sell to their audience and make money. They don't owe you nothing if they don't invite you for their show , every entrepreneur knows his audience and as such he is willing to sell them content that they will readily pay to consume. Take this home show organizers don't owe you an invite because you are dope, don't forget your type plenty for kaduna 😆.

Finally I can't overemphasize on honor, Honor those that deserves it, respect those that were there before you, you could blow before them and they may not blow as what is blow in your own definition. Like my above example of the footballer , there are boys that carry boot for Seniorman,they rush to do it and also do it happily. Well that is not ass kissing, oh you said you are big enough and at your age you can't ass kiss, there is what we call loyalty, respect and lobby. Keep your head low, in life generally you must know someone that knows the guy that calls the shots...Even your pastor do always remind you of destiny helpers, some are not far away,some are on your streets,your area , or even your city...In all be willing to serve.

We are a crop of budding talents in the Croc ,that the world awaits our manifestation.

I wish all of us the best in our careers and skip the dumb talks.

I am not sorry if you are offended, na my small understanding on this our KD entertainment.

Happy new month and Independence Nigeria.

Yours truly,

She call me Ziriok, I mean my Mum."

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